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City of Decatur Quick reference phone numbers

The City of Decatur, IL

Macon County Health Department: Macon County Health Department

Decatur Public Schools

Decatur and Macon County Senior Center

Decatur Police Department

Macon County Sheriff

Housing and other assistance:

Department of Housing and Urban Development – HUD

Housing Handbook

DMCOC: Mission Statement To help low income and senior citizens enhance their dignity and quality of life by providing skills, knowledge, and the power of work through community-based coordinated services

Decatur City Limitless Program – Promotes Decatur, IL

Section 8 Addendum to Lease – Required for Section 8 Renters and Landlords

Local Resources

Homeless Day Center Oasis Day Center:  243 West Cerro Gordo Street Decatur,  IL 62522 Phone:  217-422-3940

Heritage Behavioral Health Center – 151 North Main Street Decatur IL 62523 Phone: 217-362-6262 Fax: 217-362-6290

The Shed/Bruce Jacobs / New Day Community Church 4191 North Greenswitch Road Decatur, IL 62526 Phone: 217-876-9337

Decatur Housing Authority – Section 8

DMCOC 1122 East Marietta Street Decatur, IL 62521 Phone: 217-428-0155  – Rent Assistance

Macon County Supervisor of Assessments Information

141 South Main Street – Suite 401  Decatur, IL 62523

Telephone:  217-424-1364  Fax:  217-424-1374   email:

Macon County Website

Property Tax – Search for Individual property tax information

Macon County Property Tax Vendor – Fike and Fike

Interactive Map of Macon County

Macon County GIS Map Gallery

identi check danielle watts – April 2019 meeting identi check danielle watts – April 2019 meeting

National Association of Independent Landlords:

Springfield, IL Landlords Association Web Page:



Rental Forms: 





EPA Lead Based Paint Color Disclosure:

EPA Lead Based Black\White Disclosure:

Landlord related websites:  

American Property Owners:

For renters and landlords:

National Assoc. of Independent Landlords:


REIA:  Real Estate Investors Club:

Bigger Pockets:  Landlord Forums:

American Apartment Owners Assoc.

Personal Finance Insider:

Mortgage Reports:  How to become a Landlord:

Avoid these 6 costly Landlord Mistakes:


Marketing your rental property:  

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Homes and apartments for rent:

Homes and apartments for rent: